What is the process for getting the changes made?

There are several steps in the process to get annual changes made.

  1. The request to submit annual changes is made by the Graduate Studies office to the programs.
  2. The programs send their annual changes to Graduate Studies for review.
  3. Graduate Studies compiles all of these changes into one large bundle and sends them to CollegeNET for review and updating.
  4. CollegeNET tells Graduate Studies that the changes have been made on their test server and they are ready for review.
  5. Graduate Studies will contact each program that requested changes and ask that they review the requested changes and let us know if they are correct or need additional work.
  6. Once all changes are signed off as being correct, Graduate Studies tells CollegeNET we are ready to go live with the changes.

This process can take up to two months for the entire cycle to be completed.