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How do I review my supplemental in the application?


Graduate Studies recommends that you start your own application and fill it out as if you were applying to your own program.  This will give you an opportunity to review the entire application process and see what the applicant sees.  When you get to supplemental for your program you should pay particular attention to any questions that you want to modify and note any questions that you might want updated, modified or removed.

Starting with the 2016-17 annual change cycle spreadsheets are being distributed to graduate coordinators with all of the questions for each supplemental included.  After reviewing your application as outlined above please update the spreadsheet with any changes you would like to have made.  Instructions on how to update the spreadsheet will be sent at the same time that the spreadsheet is sent.

Once the spreadsheet has been updated with all of the requested changes, it should be submitted back to Graduate Studies via the initial helpdesk ticket that was used to send you the spreadsheet.

Attached to this FAQ is a document that describes how to create a "Just Test" account to review the application.

How-to-create-a-Just-Testing-application.pdf How-to-create-a-Just-Testing-application.pdf

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