Can I send an updated set of GMAT, GRE, TOEFL or IELTS scores? If so how?

If you have taken the GRE, TOEFL ore IELTS since you applied or have retaken the tests since you applied and you have new scores you wish to have reported to us you will need to contact ETS and have them send your test scores to Georgia Tech.

  • GMAT Institute Code for Full-time MBA: HWK-54-37
  • GMAT Institute Code for Evening MBA: HWK-54-44
  • GRE Institute Code: R5248
  • TOEFL Institute Code: 5248
  • IELTS has no Institute code - Select "Georgia Institute of Technology" and then choose "Graduate".

You can not update your application once it has been submitted but your updated test scores will automatically be added to your application record in our system.