I'm having trouble with the video questions, what can I do?

All video responses are optional and it will not count against you if you are not able to submit.  We understand that not everyone has the ability to record a video response.  Here are some suggestions that might help with submitting a video response.

The first thing we recommend trying is making sure you have the most recent version of Adobe Flash Player installed, as that is the program used to run the videos.  Be sure to un-check the check box for installing McAfee Security Scan Plus, and/or Google Chrome unless you want these programs as well. They default to being checked.


It is also possible that there was a bandwidth issue. If you have access to a connection with more bandwidth, that is what we recommend recording with.  There is also a tendency of the internet and browsers to function more slowly than normally on occasion, depending on the time of day, so it could be worth trying it again from the same connection to see if you encounter better performance.

If there are frames dropping it is usually the bandwidth of your internet connection that is a problem, most likely the upload speed. If it sounds like the audio is dropping frames as well, you may have better results if your microphone recording volume is higher. Please be sure to adjust this in the Flash Player audio settings:


You may end up with choppy video, but your audio will most likely come through much clearer. Additionally, your best bet would be to record at a library or another place with a higher upload speed.

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