My recommender says he/she didn't get a request for a recommendation. What do I do?

Ask your recommender to please check their SPAM filters -- often emails go there and the recommender is unaware they have been received.

Go to Status Checking. Make sure the email address for the recommender is correct -- if not, use the edit button to correct. If it is correct, then send a reminder by using the edit button adjacent to the recommender's name. This will resend all the information that was sent immediately after you submitted your application. Contact your recommender and let them know you have just resent the request so they can watch their email (and SPAM) to make sure they receive it.

If this process fails, please send an email to giving your name and the name of your recommender. CollegeNet will be able to assist you. The Office of Graduate Studies cannot do this for you. This is handled through the private account you created when you applied and only you and CollegeNet Help have access.