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Content to Include:

  • Provide a link to Degree/Certification/Training Programs
  • Am I eligible to apply?
  • Eligibility requirements for common schools/regions
  • What is the minimum GPA or GRE/GMAT score for admission?
  • Application fees?
  • Link to How do I apply
  • Any dates/deadlines relevant to the admissions process


How to organized and present most Frequently Asked Questions (Admissions FAQs)?

  • English Proficiency:
    • Am I exempt from TOEFL?
    • What is the minimum TOEFL score for admission?
    • Where can I send my TOEFL/GRE scores?
    • Do you accept IELTS for English Proficiency?
    • I am exempt from TOEFL but my status says awaiting?
  • Check Status:
    • Provide link to check status
  • Application Process:
    • How can I convert my GPA to a 4.0 scale?
    • Can I apply to more than one program?
    • Can I submit more than one application? How?
    • How do I make an update to my submitted application materials (CV, resume, transcript, etc)?
    • My recommender is having problems submitting a recommendation letter. Can you help?
    • How do I change one of my recommenders?

    • What do the different application statuses mean?

    • Is my application complete?
    • Do I need to mail in any documents when I submit my online application?
    • What is CertiFile? Is it mandatory?
  • Application Process International Students:
    • How do I find out if my international academic credentials are valid for study at your institution?

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