When are admissions decisions made?

Each program has different application deadlines, so application decisions will be made depending on the program deadline. Programs begin the review process after the application deadline. Once the program has made a decision, your Status Checking section will be updated to Dept. Decision Made. Program decision letters are mailed/emailed directly from the program you applied to.

Some programs have chosen to use the feature of allowing applicants to view their program decision letter in the Status Checking section. If this is the case, you will be able to view the program decision in Status Checking. (Not all departments are using the feature, so the letter may not be available for viewing.)

Letters indicated that you were not accepted are mailed/emailed directly from the program to which you applied. No letter is mailed from the Institute.

Acceptance letters are mailed/emailed from the program and from the Institute. Your acceptance is not final until you receive the letter from the Institute. Your Status Checking section will also be updated to Institute Decision Complete.

For a full explanation of the application status options and what they mean please visit the "Can you clarify what each CollegeNet application status means?" FAQ.