Can you clarify what each CollegeNET application status means?

The description of each status below is provided for clarification. Please review the online application Status Checking portal to view the current status of your application.

Hold: Missing Bachelor Transcript
The evaluation of your application has been placed on hold until your bachelor transcript has been received. Secure electronic certified transcripts (E-transcripts) should be sent to This is a special e-mail address only for secure electronic transcripts delivered via National Student Clearinghouse, eScrip-Safe, Parchment, and Truecopy Credentials. Please check with the registrar or records office at your college/university to see if they provide secure electronic certified transcript service. Otherwise please have the transcript mailed to our office located at the address below.

Graduate Studies
Georgia Institute of Technology
631 Cherry Street, Room 318
Atlanta, GA 30332-0321

To Dept. For Review
The degree program to which you applied is now reviewing your application.


Dept. Decision Made
The degree program to which you applied has made a decision on your application. If your application was declined, please note that you will receive only one decline letter which will be issued by the program to which you applied. If your application was accepted, please note that you will receive an acceptance letter from both the program that you applied to, and the Institute. Your acceptance is not final until you receive the letter from the Institute.


Institute Decision Complete
Your admission decision has been finalized and your decision is posted to the online Status Checking portal. If you are being offered admission, you will receive an official letter from the Institute via the email address listed on your application.

Please review the application checklist to see what your current status is.