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Applications / Admissions
Where do I send Electronic Transcripts?
I'm having trouble with the video questions, what can I do?
What is the minimum GPA requirement?
When are admissions decisions made?
Do all of my supporting documents and test scores need to be submitted by the deadline?
What is the Graduate Studies mailing address?
How many characters will my statement of purpose allow? If I go over this amount, what do I do?
What is the application fee?
I have been admitted. How do I submit my final documents?
How do I apply?
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Lawful Presence Verification
Why must I provide lawful presence documentation?
Is an uploaded copy of my U.S. birth certificate considered official?
Can I upload a copy of my out-of-state driver's license as proof of U.S. citizenship?
Can I upload a copy of my Social Security card as proof of U.S.citizenship?
Which students must be verified?
My U.S. Passport has expired. Can it still be used as proof of citizenship?
When do institutions begin verifying the lawful presence of their students?
What happens if a student’s lawful presence cannot be verified?
Do students residing outside of the United States who enroll only in distance education need to be verified?
Which Board of Regents policies require that institutions verify the lawful presence to their students?
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Theses / Dissertations and Commencement
Do you proofread for grammar and spelling mistakes?
How will I know when I have met all qualifications for graduation?
Do I have to pay for my doctoral hood?
Is the Certificate of Approval form the only form required for completion of my thesis requirements?
Are bound copies of the thesis required for the final submission of the thesis?
If I do not attend graduation, how do I receive my diploma?
Do you provide bound copies of the thesis/dissertation?
I turned in my thesis/dissertation last week, but the web still says, “lacks thesis.” Is something wrong?
Does Georgia Tech retain any rights to my thesis and dissertation once it is uploaded via the ETD website?
If a committee member is unable to sign my certificate of approval in a timely manner, how can I get their signature?
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Test Scores
What is the minimum GRE test requirement?
What is the minimum TOEFL requirement?
I cannot find the Department Code to request my test scores. What do I do?
Does Georgia Tech accept IELTS?
The deadline is approaching, but I can't take my test(s) before then. What do I do?
I'm an International student but I attended a school in the U.S. Do I need to take the TOEFL?
Does Georgia Tech accept any tests other than GRE and TOEFL?
I am a citizen of a country where English is the sole official language of instruction. Am I exempt from submitting TOEFL?
I requested my scores from ETS but they don't appear on my record. Why?
ETS sent my official test scores for an application I submitted previously. Do I have to have ETS resend my official test scores for my new application?
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Graduate Orientation and Grad Expo
When and where is Grad Expo held?
When and Where is Graduate Orientation?
Where can I find information about Graduate Orientation?
I'm having problems with the Graduate Orientation form, who do I contact?
Status Checking
Can you clarify what each CollegeNET application status means?
How do I check the status of my Application?
How do I check the status of my Recommendation Letters?
I-20 / Cost of Attendance
What is the cost of Attendance?
What amount of funds are required to be shown after I am admitted and am applying for an I-20?
Do I need to submit my financial documents with my application or can I wait until I know if I am admitted?
Does the financial sponsor letter have to be stamped and attested to or can it simply be signed by the sponsor?
Recommendation Letters
Do my letters of recommendation need to be submitted by the application deadline?
How can I change a recommender?
When will my recommenders receive an email notification?
My recommender doesn't want to use an online response. Can he/she send a paper letter?
How do I send a reminder to my recommender?
I did not waive my right to review recommendation letters. I want to change this. How can I do that?
My recommender says he/she didn't get a request for a recommendation. What do I do?
Other Topics
How do I lookup my gtID?
Activating your GT account
Where do I submit Health Forms?
Where can I find out information about Housing?
What do I need to do to park on campus?
Can you provide more information on commute alternatives from Parking and Transportation Services?

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